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Autofill Rental Forms


Autofill PDF documents speed up your data entry by allowing you to populate one file that is imported into any of our rental documents which are offered via subscription.


To begin, first ensure you have access to at least one of your subscribed rental form PDF files with a file name ending in "AF-EX."

01 | Data Template Population

Download the data template and open it in either Adobe Acrobat Reader™ or Foxit Reader ™. We will use this template to generate a data file in .fdf format.

Download the Data Template

Adobe Acrobat Reader™ Instructions
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader™

Fill in the fields you desire and click "Submit Data via E-mail." Accept any security warnings and direct to your email client if necessary. You may need to email the data file to yourself due to limitations in the Acrobat export process. When you receive the file, ensure the file name is preserved. Some programs append a "_data" extension to the filename, which must be corrected.

Foxit Reader™ Instructions
Download Foxit Reader™

For assistance with installation, please see our notes below. Fill in the fields you desire and select the "Form" tab at the top of the application. In the ribbon, select the "Export" button. This will open a system window to save the file. Save it in your forms directory, ensuring the file name is unchanged.

02 | Importing Data In Forms

Ensure your data template file name is unchanged from "~ARental_Form_Data_PF-EX.pdf". Open any of your AF series forms (filename ending in "AF-EX") and select the "import" button in Adobe Acrobat™. If using Foxit Reader™, navigate to the "Forms" tab and select "import," to import your data.

You may now fill in any remaining form data and print. If desired, you may now save your populated form as a unique filename using "Save As," to ensure you do not overwrite your form document.

Foxit Reader™ Installation Notes

On supported Windows PCs, Double click your Foxit Reader™ setup file to begin installation. Follow prompts, and deselect "Enable Safe Reading Mode." If you already have the software installed, or miss this step, you may disable this by accessing "File > Preferences" and selecting "Trust Manager." Uncheck "Enable Safe Reading Mode" and ensure "Enable JavaScript Actions," is selected. This allows our data population mechanism to function.